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Success is never easy. It requires discipline, consistency, self-motivation, time and sacrifice. Each person might have his or her own individual goal, but the effort put forth to reach those goals requires the same commitment.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that success takes work. There are countless hours of work for every goal that is achieved. For me, that means hours of practice, lifting, recovery, rehabilitation, nutrition and sleep behind each race. It takes discipline to stay diligently committed to the grind for success day in and day out. It can be so easy to let my commitment waver and take a day off or grow frustrated with the process wanting to see results faster. 

Success rarely happens all at once. In a race it might seem that my success is determined in a 43 second interval, but that success was earned over months and years of hard work every day: implementing changes to my technique, finding recovery methods that help my body feel my best and learning what food helps fuel my body for success.

This is why patience is so important to me. In order for me to achieve the success I want, it is critical that I trust my coaches and the training plan we have developed, my athletic trainer and the recovery routine we have implemented and my agent and the overall plan we have for the season. I trust that when the moment comes, my team and I have done everything in our power to prepare for it. 

Patience is my reminder that success is a process. It takes time. It is impossible to always achieve your goals immediately. Take the time to sit down and thoughtfully craft a plan towards success. Then, be patient as you diligently commit yourself to that plan and watch as you work your way to success.

It might not be easy, but it is always worth it. 

Be patient.




“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

-Leo Tolstoy

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  1. I will tune in every time I receive a notification Mike! You’re inspirational, SENSATIONAL, and my favorite athlete. Keep the dedication and patience up, that world record is yours.
    ~Jordan Ricketts

  2. Something Iv learned about track and field and that I totally agree with Michael is Patience, results will not come when you want it the most, the will show up when your really ready. Keep it up, never stop. EF

  3. Sir .. I’m giving my 100% for my goals.. discipline, consistency, dedication, and self motivation..
    But from last 2 years.. i got injured just few days before competition.. i tried everything like.. strengthening.. stretching.. but when I reach on my peak..i got injured.. major injury is my glutes and hamstring… Now I’m fit..but i just started my speed season a few days ago.. but still I’m afraid of taking speed..
    So sir me out in this matter
    I’m a 200m athlete..
    And one thing.. every time when i recovered from injury..i make my PB ..but not able to compete.. because of injury..
    This thing is going towards depression and anxiety..
    So sir please help..

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