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Issue #3 Recruiting Tips

Issue #3 Recruiting Tips

5 Tips to Help You Get Recruited

#1 Times Don’t Lie – Times speak for themselves in the sport of track and field. Maximize your performance every year by putting your best effort in at practice and at meets. Your junior year times will be especially important, but it’s never too late to make an impression. Work with your high school coaches on a plan to help improve your times. 

#2 Reach out – Reach out to any and all schools you are interested in. Send emails out to coaches introducing yourself and letting them know a little bit about you as a person, athlete and student. Create a list of schools where your certain skill set makes you an asset and be sure to target those schools. 

#3 Visits – Take unofficial and official visits. Unofficial visits can be extremely helpful in allowing coaches to get to know you as well as you learning more about a school and its program. Reach out to coaches and let them know you want to come visit and learn more. If it comes time for official visits, plan wisely and make sure you are taking visits to the schools that have an opportunity for you and interest you. 

#4 Relationships – Connect with coaches early on. It is a great idea to start forming relationships as early as freshman and sophomore year. Introduce yourself and begin to develop that relationship so when junior and senior year roll around, you already have a connection with the coaching staff. It is also a great idea to reach out to some athletes on the team to learn more about team culture. Don’t be afraid to ask the athletes any questions you might have.

#5 Grades – Work just as hard in the classroom as you do in your sport. Coaches will be much more willing to take you on their team if you can easily get into the school. Don’t let grades be an additional obstacle.  



“Believe in your dreams and that anything is possible.”

-Usain Bolt

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