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Issue #16 Championship Focus

Issue #16 Championship Focus

With conference championships this past weekend and NCAA championships coming up, I wanted to take this newsletter to discuss the focus it takes to be successful at championship meets. 

Not only are championship meets different because of the titles up for grabs but the schedule usually differs from regular season meets too. Most championships take place over multiple days and involve running rounds to qualify for the final heat. This requires a different kind of focus than a regular meet.

How well you manage your emotions leading up to and during the competition has a huge effect on your performance at the meet. You have already put in all the work as an athlete. You can’t change anything physically anymore. It is time to dial in and focus on the little things. Most importantly, have confidence in yourself. 

Managing your emotions is especially important at championship meets because you need to run multiple events over multiple days. You should celebrate your good performances and enjoy the moment but you also need to quickly refocus and get back in the competitive mindset because your work isn’t done. The same goes for poor performances. If you aren’t happy with your outcome, reset and refocus. You have another opportunity ahead. 

When it comes to running rounds the best advice I have is to find time to relax after the meet. You need that break to unwind and rest. Give yourself a mental break so that when you wake up in the morning, you are ready to refocus and compete again.

Congratulations to everyone who won conference titles this past weekend!




“Champions don’t become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it.

-Michael Jordan

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